Plastic bag

by Fred André

I had about 10 minutes left to my lunch break the other day and I felt really boxed up inside the building, I also knew I would have to spend the next 4 hours in. So I decided to go outside, not far, and for no other reason than seeing some sky, feeling some wind, and escaping from that damn box.

I sat up on a concrete block in one of the little roads leading to the high street. A plastic bag, a blue plastic bag in the middle of the road caught my eyes... It was weird. The light wind was filling it up quite slowly; in about 2 or 3 seconds, and instead of flying away under a car it would flip around ,empty itself ,then go back to square one...There was some kind of weight inside which kept it stuck there. Filling up slowly, flipping around, emptying, and starting again... It was a lung, a blue plastic lung, breathing with grace in the middle of the road.

No one was looking at it, everybody was far to busy thinking about holidays or wishing to kill their bosses. No ...All those grey peoples were walking robot-like towards their next tasks, not thinking for one second what their life would be like if they just stopped and thought about what they were getting out of their 70-ish years on planet earth.

In the meantime this little plastic bag made by machines somewhere in the armpit of England , in the middle of smokes and poor weather was pumping away and no one but me saw it was alive and breathing...It certainly was if the grey things moving about on the pavement were. This lasted for a good 5 minutes ( breathing in, breathing out).

I then saw a fat buisness man type in a white Mercedes driving along the street and I imagined the murder straight away... There was no way that he of all people was going to see any beauty in a plastic bag... But the incredible happened....

He slowed down and went out of his way by a good yard and a half to avoid him, passed him slowly.I smiled... He then put his left indicator on, turned his red fat head, grabbed the back of the head rest and reversed to park in an empty space.


The celophone man got out of his car fast and worried, checked his back wheel, looked at me and smiled... Stupidly faced and realived ...

-" I thought it was my tyre, it's only a plastic bag..."



Copyright :- Fred André 1996

Permission should be sought before reproducing any part of this text in any format, electronic or otherwise