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Whose House Is It Anyway?


Welcome to a brand new homepage with a difference! The difference could be you!

We are a group of friends who happen to be motivated to create things. There is no manifesto (yet) describing what we are to do and what our policies are. We would always hope that the underlying thing that unites us, which we feel other groups and sets have the tendancy to destroy, is individuality. So why form a group? Well, any one who has ever struggled to create or do anything by themselves over a prolonged period has felt what it is like to lose hope or become disillusioned a little (or a lot) and how much it necessary to talk and work for a while with others who feel the same things, confront the same problems and do not judge.

This is an inspiration network, a mental trampolene where you can bounce ideas around and maybe find someone to co-operate with. We have contemporary art, graphics, music, pottery, writing, poetry, theatre, film and live art amongst us already, all in the individual styles of the folks who made them. Being multi genred is totally encouraged here.

I hope you like some of what you see.

Lots of Lurve SIONED & SPIFF XXX

Last Update: 1st April, 1998